The Genus Aeonium

Marco Cristini, The Genus Aeonium, AIAS, Rome 2022, 225 pp. (ISBN: 978-88-901345-6-2).

This book provides the most complete information on aeoniums available anywhere. It effectively bridges the gap between scientific descriptions scattered in botanical journals and monographs, and the general books on succulents, which often only fleetingly mention a few Aeonium species. This book describes all currently accepted taxa and is designed to aid the reader to identify and observe them in habitat thanks to the detailed information about the distribution of each taxon. Moreover, it deals extensively with aspects of cultivation ranging from garden uses and propagation to care and health. Generously illustrated with more than 250 high quality photos, this well-researched book will appeal to succulent collectors, travellers, botanists, horticulturists, gardeners and all those interested in knowing more about this fascinating genus.

Price: 50 Euros (including shipping for Italy, the EU and UK). Shipping outside the EU/UK costs around 15 euros, depending on the country.

How to purchase the book?

Those who subscribe to the Italian Cactus and Succulent Society (AIAS) for 2023 ( can buy the book with a 40% discount, the price being 30 euros (including shipping for the EU and UK).

Those who are not members of the Italian Cactus and Succulent Society (AIAS) can buy the book directly from AIAS at 50 euros.

How to pay?

By Paypal to: (please, remember to write “Aeonium book” in the description of payment)

By bank transfer to:

Associazione Italiana Amatori delle piante Succulente

IBAN: IT10 N076 0103 2000 0003 3688 003

If you pay by bank transfer, please remember to send an email to and write the address to which the book should be sent.


Piante Grasse

Piante Grasse, la rivista italiana dedicata agli appassionati, ai collezionisti ed esperti di cactus ed altre piante succulente. Pubblicazione periodica a cura dell'AIAS (Associazione Italiana degli Amatori delle piante Succulente), dal 1980.

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