Harald Jainta & Anja Jainta, Le nostre 12 migliori località per il genere Lithops in Africa Meridionale (parte II) – Piante Grasse 42:1 (2022)

The authors, among the foremost international experts of genus Lithops, describe the best 12 localities where they observed these plants in Southern Africa. Most of the sites are notable due to the rarity of the species, low number of plants in nature, or remoteness of their habitats, so that they have been visited by few people. While withholding the exact coordinates to avoid plant-poaching, the paper allows readers to catch a glimpse of many fascinating sites. The first part of the paper has been published on Piante Grasse 41:4.

Piante Grasse

Piante Grasse, la rivista italiana dedicata agli appassionati, ai collezionisti ed esperti di cactus ed altre piante succulente. Pubblicazione periodica a cura dell'AIAS (Associazione Italiana degli Amatori delle piante Succulente), dal 1980.

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